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Daily Devotions - Day 8: Blarney Castle, Ireland

July 26, 2023

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Read: Ephesians 4.29

Some left London for home, others of us traveled to Cork, Ireland for the next five days.

We began our day in Cobh at the Heritage Museum with the story of millions of Irish people leaving their country and homes looking for a better way of life during the famine. One of the most profound stories of this history over the centuries is the Titanic which left this port. It is hard to believe, with the recent tragedy of the Titan that the Titanic continues to have a central place in our thoughts.

After the Heritage Museum, we headed to Blarney Castle. A number of people in our group climbed to the top of the Castle and kissed the Blarney Stone. Tradition says that kissing the stone will ensure eloquence in one's speech.

There are many scripture verses that address speech. Paul, here writes to the people of Ephesus and reminds them of the importance of words and that they matter. He says that we can either use words to build up or to tear down. His desire, of course, is that our words would be used to encourage one another.

Prayer: Dear God, may our speech and words be a source of building up and encouraging one another. Amen.

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