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July 19

Two sessions, 1 pm, 2 pm

All families are being invited to paint prayer rocks on the front lawn of the church.  We have limited spaces available as we will be social distancing and families are asked to sign up to reserve a spot.  Families are defined as anyone with or without children and youth in the home. We will also be putting together rock painting kits for those who are uncomfortable gathering but would like to participate in this July activity at home.   Contact Pamela Garside-Meyers for a registration link if you did not receive one.  pamela.garside@garrett.edu

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The pandemic is rearing its powerful side as cases are increasing.  The limitations on gatherings and safe worship are still in place.  There are a number of churches who are holding in person worship.  We have our 'safe' measures in place for when we gather in worship. If we look toward a date of August 16 to begin two services of worship in the sanctuary,  Are you ready to come back?  Are you willing to make a reservation online to attend worship? Send your responses to me atsusan@firstumckenosha.com  No matter what date we begin in building worship, we will be offering concurrent online worship.  Our online worship will move from a pre-recorded format to a live streaming format.

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Happy 4th of July!  Once again, the 4th of July will look different for many of us.  Our family has the tradition of returning to my childhood home of Sheboygan, WI to celebrate the day.  It is a full day with a morning parade, boat regatta on the river at noon and then to the beach for an afternoon of games, reading and music, building a bonfire on the beach, cooking dinner and watching the fireworks in the evening.  All of those traditions are, of course, cancelled for this year.  Instead, we will spend a quiet day at home.  What doesn't change is celebrating our country's birthday and giving thanks for the men and women who have shaped our nation over the years with selfless acts known to many and those known to just a handful.  I  give thanks for our resilience in these days, for those who seek the best for all and for those who are working on change for justice, freedom and liberty for all people. As your days look different this year, please join me and others in prayers of thanksgiving and petition for our country.

This Sunday we are continuing our series on Ephesians.  We will be focusing on Ephesians 5.15-20. The apostle Paul, writer of Ephesians, tells us to make the most of time and of every opportunity.  Living our lives with intention and focus allows us to live the purpose God has for us.   Sunday is a communion day.   If you would like to share in the sacrament during worship, have food and drink of any kind with you as you worship.

Finally, take a moment also to invite someone to join us in worship this week.

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