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Daily Devotions - Day 5: Christ Church College, Oxford

July 23, 2023

Christ Church College, Oxford

Read Hebrews 3.13: Encourage one another daily so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

Sunday was a full and wonderful day in Oxford, England. We began the day with a walking tour to St. Mary's Church also known today as University Church. St. Mary's is an Anglican church where John and Charles Wesley both preached. We were warmly welcomed in worship and for coffee/tea/sherry fellowship time afterwards.

After a continued walking tour we had free time for lunch and then met up at Christ Church College. It is here that John Wesley first went to school, followed by his younger brother Charles and also George Whitfield. When John returned to Oxford to be a fellow at Lincoln College, he was asked to lead the Holy Club where the young men grew in their faith by practicing the personal aspects of faith: prayer, scripture reading, partaking in the sacrament, reflecting on the 21 questions and the social aspects of faith: witnessing to others, teaching, visiting the prisons, caring for the poor.

In the dining hall of Christ Church College (which was the template for the dining hall in the Harry Potter movies) we saw the portrait of John Wesley. Other notable students included CS Lewis, JRR Tolkein, Sinclair Lewis among others.

I was reminded that even in the midst of our daily lives, as Charles, George and John were students and professor, taking time to focus on our faith, grow in our relationship with Christ and practice his teachings in the world is vital.

Prayer: Dear God, guide me in taking time for you. In that time, may I be filled with your presence and will. Amen.

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