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Daily Devotions - Day 1: Manchester and York

July 19, 2023

We landed at the airport in Manchester, England shortly after 7a. After collecting our bags and meeting the others from 11 states in the US, we began our travels to York. York is a beautifully preserved village with an intact wall around it. We had a walking tour of York and learned about different time periods of British history and corresponding architecture. It is a beautifully preserved village.

We toured the York Minster, one of the largest Anglican cathedrals in all of England. There one of the clergy led prayer services and we were able to see beautiful stained glass windows, statues and carvings. The cathedral continues to be built and finished even to this day. Within the last month, a statue of the late Queen Elizabeth that was commissioned for her 70th year of reign, was placed in one of the niches adorning the east entrance of the church.

We also came to learn that the Methodists touched this part of England with a plaque commemorating their meeting and activity.

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