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New Men's Small Group Forming (ages 18-55)

Over the last couple of months a few men at First UMC have been discussing the formation of a new small group. One of study, prayer, and spiritual accountability. We are visioning a place where we can bring our full-selves, our questions and answers, victories and struggles, worries and joys, hopes and fears, joys, doubts and faith... all shared and honored in an open, safe, and private space. Does this sound like a group you would like to help form? We are still trying to set the details and would ask your response answering these four questions:

1) Express your level of interest

2) Desired frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

3) Days of the week which generally work in your schedual

4) Times of day which may work

Please send your responses ( directly to Pastor Justin. He will tabulate the responses and share the results back to our group. We will then choose the best possible date and time for our new men's group. Please respond by Sunday, April 8th.

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