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Pastoral Care: The Small Things Count

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Our church does an amazing job with pastoral care. We are blessed to have so many who are willing and ready to care for each other. There are some inexpensive items that we could use to provide for the needs of our "shut-ins" and keep our expenses low.

1. Some we visit love to color. We need markers for them, only markers---crayons are too hard to use. 2. We could use coloring books with big patterns and uncomplicated pictures to color. 3. We need cards to mail to them on Easter, etc. Cards bring unexpected pleasure and brighten a dull day. 4. A few beautiful small teddy bears for them to hug when they feel afraid or lonely. (Other stuffed animals do not do the trick) 5. Prayer shawls---another way of hugging. It helps a lonely person feel loved and prayed for--and serves as a reminder of God's eternal love.

I do not exaggerate when I say our church is lengendary for the love and care we give to our friends and members.

Please drop any of these items off at the office or give them to Pastor Judith. Thanks Again

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