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Open to all children ages 3 through high school

Thursdays, starting October 11

6:30-7:30 pm

What a Rainbows support group can do for your child/ren:

  • Improve their school attendance, behavior and academic performance

  • Help develop and strengthen their problem-solving and communication skills

  • Alleviate their depression and anxiety, emotional pain, and suffering

  • Reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior

Unlike traditional individual therapy, children are able to grieve, communicate, and heal among their peers. They no longer feel alone in their grief and gain confidence from group support.

About Rainbows

Headquartered in Evanston, Rainbows for All Children is an international, nonprofit organization that trains volunteers at community-based sites to lead structured, age-specific support groups for children 3-18 years old who are grieving the loss of a family member as a result of death, separation/divorce, incarceration, deployment, deportation, life-threatening illness, or any other traumatic, life-altering event.


“As a parent of four children who attended Rainbows, I can speak with experience that the group helped explain to my children what divorce is, allowed an environment for them to bond with others in similar situations, and taught them empathy and understanding in a way I couldn’t. Parents can have a difficult time providing help for their children due to their own grief. This is a way to give them the help they need.” – Miguel, Father of Rainbows Participants

"When I first started Rainbows I was a young, scared little girl. I felt all alone in the world. I lacked any self-confidence and I felt all my life's obstacles were because of something I had done wrong. Rainbows helped give me courage and strength.” – Abigail, Rainbows Alumni


Interested in joining?

For more information contact Pastor Susan Patterson-Sumwalt at 262-658-3213 or

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