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First United Methodist Church of Kenosha Logo in Black

Love in Action Drive - This Sunday, December 6

10 am to noon

West entrance of the church

Bring your non-perishable food items and hygiene items to support the people served by the Salvation Army and Grace Welcome Center.

Dec 6 is a special day in the life of the Christian church. It is St. Nick's Day. St. Nicholas, known as St. Nick was a Bishop of Myrna. He anonymously was generous to people in need. One family was a household of a single father with three daughters. As each became of age for marriage, this father did not have money to offer in a dowery. Each time, in the middle of the evening, Bishop Nicholas found a way to place coins in the socks that were hanging by the fire. By the time the third daughter was to be married, the family and village was on the alert. They caught Bishop Nicholas doing his good deed. He went on to be sainted. And so on the eve of St. Nick's Day (Dec. 5) children and adults place their shoes by the door or hang their stockings by the fire and St. Nick comes and brings small gifts of fruit and candy. St. Nick will be at our Love in Action Drive to wave 'hello.' There will also be small gifts of fruit and candy for those stopping by the church during the drive. (And, no, you do not need to take off your shoes.)

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