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Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner - "On" again this year

As was the case last year, with thoughtful and detailed planning discussions by the Thanksgiving Dinner team, we have a solid plan for providing the community with a Thanksgiving meal while doing it in the safest way possible. Similar to last year, instead of hosting the dinner in our building, we will be providing a "to go" meal (prepared by our awesome chef team, Wil and Stina Rios) on Thursday, November 25 (pickup from Any person in our community as well as any member of our congregation looking for a delicious, homemade Thanksgiving meal is welcome to reserve the quantity they need and pick it up during that time (at the 10th Avenue entrance). After reserved meals are picked up, we will offer meals for walk-up guests from noon until 1:00 pm.

So, please call Deb Barrientos (1-262-496-0648) by Wednesday, November 17, to make reservations so we can understand how much food to prepare so we can provide for all who come.

Another change is that we won't be asking people to donate/make pies or salads. The challenge this year (due to the ongoing food shortage) is with acquiring enough turkeys for the meal. So, if you would like to assist in helping to purchase the turkeys, please contact Kris Brown. She will be coordinating this effort.

As for volunteering to serve on the day, we will need a few people, but not as many as in past years. We will be following strict safety protocols to keep both the volunteers and our guests safe. So, if you are interested, please contact Kris Brown at (262) 496-7417.

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