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Stewardship Campaign to Begin

Our stewardship campaign, "Every Member in Ministry" is set to begin Nov. 2. This year we will be having a letter campaign - the first letter is written by Lay Leader Ruth Walls that will be mailed Nov. 2. The second letter will be written by Finance Chairperson Todd DeBoer and will be mailed with a pledge card on Nov. 16. The pledge card will be mailed to you with a return envelope that is addressed and stamped so you can return it to the church. Commitment Sunday will be Nov. 22 (virtually).In Paul's writing to the people in Ephesus, he speaks of us sharing our gifts as the body of Christ to lift up the saints of God and bring about unity and love. Over these next weeks in worship, we will look at the ways each of us is important to the whole and what we contribute with our financial gifts and ways we serve using our spiritual gifts is vitally important to the health and well-being of the whole.

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