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Stacy Breeden Memorial Service and Honors

A memorial service for Stacy Breeden will be held on her birthday, June 28 at 7 pm in the sanctuary. All friends and family members are invited to attend to share in a time of remembering and affirming eternal life given to her by God. In gratitude for Stacy's life and generosity through the ministry of the church two on-going giving opportunities have been established in gratitude for her life.

STACY BREEDEN MEMORIAL SAMARITAN FUND - Our Samaritan Fund has been renamed for Stacy. Stacy was known for helping members and community members in time of need. Gifts can be given to this fund in Stacy's memory as we continue as a congregation to care for those in need. Kathy Nuzzo will speak to this Fund at the Memorial Service. Mary Snyder, Kathy Nuzzo, Jennifer Matera, Murphy Biernbach and Pastor Susan comprise the team overseeing this fund.

STACY BREEDEN MEMORIAL BLESSING BOX - A number of years ago Stacy had the idea of a Blessing Box to be built and placed on our church lawn. A Blessing Box is similiar to the Small Library boxes built and placed in the yards of persons but holds things like food, hats and gloves in the winter, toliet paper ,etc. for people to come and take what they need and for others to place items in the Box. The United Methodist Women have funded and organized a Blessing Box that will be placed in our yard on 60th street. Various groups will have monthly oversight of caring for the Box. The Stacy Breeden Memorial Blessing Box will be placed in our yard during the Trustees' Work Day, June 26th. Ruth Walls organized the Blessing Box and Tom Ault has built the Blessing Box on behalf of United Methodist Women. The colors will be yellow and blue which were Stacy's favorite colors.

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