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Mourning Into Unity

Mourning into Unity is a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. So much loss is being endured and threatens to tear us apart. We know the act of grieving together can bring healing to our hearts, easing our anger and fear. Wesley United Methodist Church and Carthage College are two other sites in Kenosha participating in this national vigil.

We at First Church will be hosting Mourning into Unity vigils on October 12 and 19th at 6 pm on the Sheridan Road side of the church with a peaceful, candlelight vigil. We and people all over the country will be mourning together, following a common order of service that is intended to last not more than 30 minutes.

You can participate in person, wearing a mask, carrying a candle (or your phone) and maintaining social distance.

You can participate from your parked car onsite via zoom.

You can participate at home via zoom.

Use this zoom link to connect Oct. 12

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