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New Opportunities to Serve

There are five new opportunities to serve to move First Church into the future. If you are interested in making an impact on the ministry of First Church to its members and to the Kenosha community, let Pastor Susan or Pastor Justin know of your interest and/or questions.

Vision Team 9-10 persons are needed to craft the vision and direction First Church is going these next 3-5 years. Members of the team will develop goals, strategies and objectives and be responsible for advancing them. The expectations of members desiring to be part of this team include: 1)Membership and demonstration of discipleship through our vows of presence, prayers, service, giving and witness. There is no length of membership required. ( If you are a guest and looking to become a member of the church to serve in this capacity, contact Pastor Justin.) 2) Commitment to learning through reading, viewing of videos, and willingness to take risks. 3) An ability to be part of a team and willingness to advance the team's decisions when individual preference differs. 4) Believe in and want growth for First Church. 5) A willingness to engage, participate and have fun! The first book that will be read is "Unstuck." Copies are available from Pastors Susan or Justin.

Children and Family Ministry Team. 6-9 persons are needed to advance the priority of reaching out to the next generation with children (age birth through high school) in the home.

Worship Team. 6-9 persons are needed to advance the priority of making decisions about worship to increase the quality of the worship experience by deepening the discipleship of participants as well as worship that meets the needs of new disciples.

Outreach Team. 6-9 persons. This team will look at the priority of broadening our invitation and deepening our hospitality to all.

Discipleship Path Team. 6-9 persons. This team will develop a system to help persons take next steps to grow in the faith.

We are excited about these new opportunities and about the future of First Church. We hope that you will want to be a part of one or more of these ministry teams. Pastors Susan and Justin

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