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Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You

Season of Lent | First United Methodist Church of Kenosha

During the season of Lent we will pay attention to our souls - the best connection to God there is and find out why it’s hurting and why neglecting it sets us back spiritually. We will explore the understanding of what the soul is and how to care for our own souls.

March 5: Lent I

Sacrament of Holy Communion

“What Is the Soul?”

Psalm 49.8; Deuteronomy 4.9a; Matthew 16.25-26

March 12: Lent II

“The Struggle of the Soul”

John 10.11, 17-18; Luke 9.23-24

March 19: Lent III

“What the Soul Needs”

Psalm 106; Matthew 13.44-46; 1 Peter 2.11

March 26: Lent IV

“The Practice of Grace”

Psalm 139.1-18; John 15.5 (probably add more of the vine and branches scripture)

Colossians 3.17

April 2: Lent V

Sacrament of Holy Communion

“The Practice of Gratitude”

Numbers 6.24-26; Colossians 3.16-17

April 9: Palm Sunday

Possible Joint Worship Service

Palm Processional from Park

“The Practice of Growth”

Mark 11.1-11; John 21.18

April 16: Easter!

Easter breakfast

“The Gift of New Life”

John 20.1-18

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