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Making Room Worship Series Week 2

Worship with us this second Sunday of Advent. The series "Making Room" continues with the sermon Welcoming Strangers. It is based on four scripture readings that you will hear throughout the service: Deuteronomy 10.18-29, Micah 5.2, Jeremiah 29.4-7 and Matthew 2. 13-23. It is also a communion Sunday so I invite you to have bread and drink ready during the service to share in this moment. Thank you to David Orr who will lead us in the singing of the hymn and offer special music and Shirley Edwards who is the worship assistant for this morning.

The Hammelink Family (Kerry, Andy, Cori, AJ, Derek and Troy) will light the second Advent candle on the Advent wreath symbolizing Hope. This week as you light your second Advent candle you are invited to think about what brings you calm in the midst of anxiety to lead you to the hope that is given to us by Chirst. Place that item next to the second candle. You may do as I have done and written a list which I have placed near the candle. On my list I have included a song, a prayer, an exercise, relationships and hobbies. I share the specifics of my list in my message.

If you have pictures of your Christmas traditions and/or gatherings that you would like to share so that we might see one another this season of Advent and Christmas, please email them to Shimon at

I hope you are taking a moment to invite friends and family to join you in worship online each week. We are working on plans for Christmas Eve.

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