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Love in Action Food & Hygiene Collection

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Updated: 7/3/20

We are collecting food items:

Mac-n-Cheese, Canned chicken & tuna, Beef Stew & Soups, Jelly Ramen, Spaghetti sauce

Hygiene supplies:

soap, shampoo, toilet paper, shave cream, toothpaste, deodorant

Please drop off items at the Sheridan Rd. parking lot of First Church 919 60th Street, Kenosha.



Thank you to everyone who has participated and also who has invited community members to be a part of our bimonthly food and hygiene drive.  To date we have collected 3168 items that have been taken to and distributed by the Salvation Army.

The Missions Team has offered a new challenge for the next collection, May 24 1-3 pm.  They would like to set a goal of receiving 1000 items.  More specifically, they would like to receive 100 jars of spaghetti sauce, 100 jars of jelly and 400 rolls of toilet paper along with 400 miscellaneous items.

The Salvation Army was thrilled to receive our spaghetti sauce and jelly offerings last week.  They were so grateful for our response to their need.  Again, thank you!  Let's see what we can do together on May 24.



Knowing of the great need in Kenosha, the Missions Team will be continuing our Love in Action Food and Hygiene Drive this Sunday, July 5. Non-perishable and hygiene items will be collected and distributed to the Salvation Army and Grace Welcome Center Food Pantries. The Welcome Center specifically needs jelly, cereal, and toilet paper. The Salvation Army specifically needs jelly and canned tuna.

One new step that you will see is our Mission Team's desire to expand the number of people who participate in the Drives. Paper grocery bags with invitation instructions for the next Drive, July 19, will be distributed. We are asking people to take the empty bags to a neighbor or friend as an invitation for them to help us serve the Kenosha community during these terribly difficult days.

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