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First Church in Action

Although COVID has often separated us from each other, it hasn’t separated us from the love of God and our mission. There’s lots going on. Below is an update on some of the new and newly re-engaged groups that are waiting for someone like you to become involved.

As First Church moves toward Building a Diverse Community with God’s Radical Love, and engaging 150 congregants volunteering in the community*, there are many opportunities to be “First Church in Action” during these trying COVID times when we may not feel as connected with our faith or our fellow worshippers as we have in the past. Below are opportunities/groups now forming for you to consider. Most groups meet via zoom for planning and then social distanced in person for action:

Missions Quick Response Team – A new group that will quickly assemble after a natural or man-made event (within a radius of the church) that meets a pre-determined threshold for a loving, supportive community response. To join, contact Debra Barrientos at

Missions Doers Team – A new, loosely organized group that is interested in periodic volunteering as a group or as an individual in the community when opportunities arise. Examples of volunteer opportunities might be Uptown community cleanups, habitat for humanity builds, assisting in Love in Action food and hygiene drives, etc. Contact Debra Barrientos at

Missions Committee (regular) – Meets monthly to set the plan for overall Missional programming. Acts of Mercy is focus. Contact Debra Barrientos at

Church & Society Committee (regular) – Meets monthly to set the plan for overall Church & Society social justice priorities and involvement. Acts of Justice is the focus. Contact Donna Namath at

Church & Society Inclusivity and Eliminate Racism Doers Group – A new group forming now to work exclusively on reducing racism, increasing inclusivity, and collaborating with existing community organizations. Work would be multi-faceted and include educational events and community events both within First Church and in the community. Interim Contact Donna Namath at until a leader emerges.

*2025 Vision Goals

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