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Devotion Day 1 Munich

“I am the way, the life and the truth…”. John 14.6a

Our group of twelve made all our connections easily and arrived in Munich today, July 23, with all our luggage and little sleep. We were met by our tour guide, bus driver, and additional travelers from around the country who have joined us on the Light Blue Bus.

We spent the afternoon touring Munich. At 5p we were in the center of the city, standing in the Marienplatz awaiting the splendor of the Glockenspiel in the New Town Hall. The Spiel re-creates a royal wedding from the 16th century with 32 life-size figures.

I began thinking about all of Munich knowing the Town Hall and Glockenspiel are at the center of their Bavarian capital. What is at the center of our lives? Our believe and faith in Jesus Christ. Through the teachings of the New Testament and the Church, we come to know and reaffirm the centrality of Christ and His teachings in our lives.

This will be reaffirmed for us as we travel these days and ,especially, tomorrow when we head to Oberammergau to experience the Passion Play and visit the Abbey in Ettal.

Prayer. Dear God, May our lives stay focused and centered in Jesus. Amen.

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