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Bible Madness Has Begun!

These Bible Teams have advanced to the next round of play. Please choose between these teams for your votes on Sunday. You can vote for one "game" or several "games." Use the Bible Madness slip in your bulletin to cast your vote(s). Place it in the offering plate. The Bible book that has the highest number of votes will be selected for next week's sermon. To see the brackets, check out the poster in the Great Room.

Game 1 Genesis vs Hebrews

Game 2 John vs Daniel

Game 3 Acts vs Esther

Game 4 2 Timothy vs Job

Game 5 2 Peter vs Luke

Game 6 Proverbs vs 1 Corinthians

Game 7 Habakkuk vs Jude

Game 8 Romans vs Micah

Game 9 Mark vs 1 Chronicles

Game 10 2 Kings vs 2 Chronicles

Game 11 1 Timothy vs Joshua

Game 12 Ruth vs Colossians

Game 13 Ephesians vs Galatians

Game 14 Matthew vs James

Game 15 2 Corinthians vs Lamentations

Game 16 Exodus vs Ecclesiastes

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